Harmor Hollow Hedgehogs

We are your leading midwest hedgehog breeders. We also love to specialize in housing or adopting hedgies to people not afraid to own older aged hedgies. You may see us being called out on other sites because we do have an established background of doing what we do! haha. Use this site as a guide and resource. To contact us, visit the contact page and send us an email over.


Looking to Adopt?

Looking to Adopt a pet hedgehog that we have taken in? Fill out this form and we will be happy to better suit you. We like to give you a personal phone call and see if we can best assist your type of hedgehog you are looking for.

Click here – Link to Form

Reasons to Own a Hedgehog

Looking for a companion animal?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals. They enjoy human companionship if they are used to it. They are an easy pet to care for once you are set up for them. See Basic Care.

Got Allergies to Animals?

For those of us whom are allergic to most animals, the hedgehog is perfect. They are hypo-allergenic. If you have a hedgehog and are still experiencing allergy problems, it is the hedgehog’s bedding you are allergic to.

Are you a light sleeper?

Hedgehogs are generally nocturnal. Some can be trained to get up regularly during the day, but you should not count on all hedgehogs to cooperate with this. Hedgehogs are not usually noisy.

Do you travel alot?

Get your hedgehog used to it at an early age and most don’t mind going with you.


Fun Upcoming Events:


“Hedgie Olympics” Sign Up form

International Hedgehog Olympic Gym-Bar-E
Hosted by Hedgehog’N Around
February 2005
Exact time and place TBA.
Entry Form
There will be only one fee per hedgehog to enter all five events and the costume contest.
Contestants should arrive a half-hour before show time at the Hedgehog’N Around booth
to check in their hedgehogs. Inform us of the price of your hedgehog too. Because three events require an exercise ball, each hedgehog
must bring an exercise ball.
Pre-Show Registration Fee: $5.00 per hedgehog
At-The-Door Registration Fee: $8.00 per hedgehog
Owner’s Name: ___________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________ Email:______________________________
Hedgehog’s Name Male/Female
Mail entry form and check payable to Veronica Moyle at:
Veronica Moyle
3270 Otter Rd
Toddville, IA 52341
Pre-Show registrations must be received by Wednesday, February 23, 2005.
Questions or inquiries, contact us!

“Hedgie Olympic Gymboree”

Sign Up Form

International Hedgehog Olympic Gym-Bar-E
Hosted by Hedgehog’N Around
February 2005 exact date and time TBA
Contestants should arrive to check their hedgehogs in at the Hedgehog’N Around
booth a half-hour before show time. Three events require the use of an exercise
ball. Therefore, each hedgehog must bring an exercise ball.
Two minutes will be allowed for each event to be completed. The Pentathlon
consists of the following five events:
3 Meter Dash:
Hedgehogs use an exercise ball to negotiate a distance of nine
feet on a track. The hedgehog that travels the farthest the fastest wins.
Shot Put:
Hedgehogs use an exercise ball to push another smaller ball a
distance of seven feet on a track. The hedgehog that pushes the ball the
farthest or fastest wins.
Garden Slalom:
Hedgehogs use an exercise ball to negotiate a course of
garden obstacles exiting through the garden gate. The hedgehog that
negotiates the course the fastest or farthest wins.
Hedgehogs negotiate a series of 10 hurdles over a 7 ½ foot course.
Hurdles get progressively more difficult from a half inch to one and a half
inches. The hedgehog that completes the most hurdles or all the hurdles the
fastest wins.
Floor Exercises:
Hedgehogs negotiate a set of obstacles (horse, balance beam,
rings, etc) on a course. Points are given for each obstacle successfully
negotiated during a two-minute period. Additional points can be awarded for
artistic expression. Hedgehogs with the greatest number of points win.
The above classes will be judged individually and prizes will be awarded, 1
through 6
. The points for all the events will be tallied and the overall top three
hedgehogs will be awarded medals: gold, silver, and bronze.
Following the Pentathlon will be a costume contest!
The costume contest is open to everyone who competes in the Pentathlon.
Hedgehogs and owners are in costume. Owners can use their imagination to
develop a theme for their hedgehogs outfit as well as their own. If the hedgehog’s
owner is dressed up, the hedgehog will be given additional costume points.
Ribbons and prizes will be awarded for the costume contest as well!

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